Happy 2019 From the Australian Heritage Homes Team

Happy 2019 From the Australian Heritage Homes TeamWell, we made it. We watched the clock flick from 11:59 to midnight, we popped Champagne, (well, some of us did) and we all practiced dating everything 2019 versus 2018. It was a bit of a jarring adjustment – it always is – but we made it.

We hope that you and yours enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and capped it off with a truly fantastic New Year’s Eve. We also hope that the first day of 2019 wasn’t too painful, and that it was full of electrolytes and naps for those that had a drop to drink the evening prior.

We don’t consider ourselves an emotional crew, but around the holidays, it does start to creep out for every teammate and member of our community at Australian Heritage Homes. We can’t help it. Prior to the holidays, it’s time to be full of gratitude, and we make no apologies there. We feel so lucky. We feel lucky for each other, for our loved ones and for you – our unbeatable community of customers and friends.

There’s also cause for celebration – point in case all of the above-mentioned reasons. So, we relished the holidays and lived them to the fullest, eating, drinking, dancing, singing (and then napping) our way through the last few weeks.

And now, we’re feeling it. We’re a little tired, but we’re also rejuvenated because it’s a new year full of opportunities. We planned ahead for it. We always do. Part of the end of the year for us is not only reflecting on what went well in the 365 days prior, but also carefully analyzing the opportunities for growth we have in the year to come. There’s no shame in this for us. In fact, it’s something that we’re very proud of. We strive to never believe that there is a top of the mountain or a finish line, so to speak. Instead, we always challenge ourselves to improve our processes, source new materials, keep costs down for you and build and customize your dream home in as fast a time we can manage while still maintaining our best-in-class craftsmanship.

So, like we said, we plan ahead. And we know that this is going to be a banner year for all parties involved. It starts with this blog, which you should continue to return to, in order to always have the best pulse not just on the Australian Heritage Homes team and offerings, but on all of the broader industries that we touch.

And it continues with the communication and customer service that if you’re already an Australian Heritage Homes team customer, you should be well familiar with. Transparent, continued, compassionate and patient, this team is ready to support you however you deem comfortable. Whether it’s by phone, by email or if you’re popping by in person, we’re here to answer each and every question that you have and to hold council on any conversation that you should want to engage in about bringing your dream home to life.

Here’s to a great year!