Giving Back at the End of the Year

Giving Back at the End of the YearLet’s be honest; for many of us, we know that we have far more belongings than we need. Be it gifts, belongings that we’ve amassed over the years, or only things that we’ve been meaning to get rid of. The irony is that it can be very tough to get rid of these things. They sit in the closet, the basement or the attic and we completely forget about them. Then, every five or so years, we decide to do a deep-cleanse of our entire property and realise that these boxes could benefit others far more than they could benefit us. Well, friends of the Australian Heritage Homes team, we’re here to help. We’re here to provide the resources and information that you need to not only clean up your home but also to put smiles on your faces as you realise the great good that you can do when you donate items to those who genuinely need them. It’s just one piece of our strategy to always communicate everything that we’re excited about with those who matter most to us – you. Read on for more information.

There are undoubtedly local charities that we want to champion. Giving Back Australia is one that we want to celebrate right off of the bat. Here is an excerpt from their site: “It was only recently, as our organisation has grown, Giving Back Australia started accepting money to pay utility bills and limited other financial assistance of those in need. Giving Back Australia now has an office and food warehouse donated to us so we can put every dollar back into the community.  Giving Back Australia has grown not only as an organisation but, as a movement of passionate people wanting to help those in need, however and wherever we can.” Check out more information here.

Looking to go give back in person? While you cannot drop off all of your household items here, it’s a great experience and reminder as to what household items you can donate throughout the rest of the year. It’s called SecondBite, and though in-person volunteering is much appreciated, we’re pretty sure that many of the unused items in your kitchen in your pantry are as well. Check out more information here.

There’s no better way to pave best practices for the next generation than by ensuring that our kids and our grandkids understand the importance of giving back and exactly how to do it. That’s why our last site for the holiday season is so dear to us. Kids Giving Back reaches so many different vital charities and organisations and is the best way to ensure that our future generations are passionate about doing the right thing. Check out this link for more information.

Questions? We’ve got answers. Comments? We’d love to hear them. Bottom line, the Australian Heritage Homes team is so excited to celebrate the holidays with you.