Five Easy Tips on Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

cleaning kitchen cabinetsTis the season, our valued AHH blog readers! No, no, not the season for Christmas—we’re not getting that much ahead of ourselves. Nor are we calling it time to quit school for the year, we could never do that to you! In fact, dear friends, quite the opposite—we’re celebrating a season of new beginnings and fresh starts. While the kids are headed back to school, it’s time for the parents to embark on all of those pesky cleaning projects, like cleaning kitchen, that have evaded you all summer long. That’s right, it’s time to herald in a season of cleaning and organization!

This is the best time of year for some of our readers and visitors. It makes sense. It’s incredibly cleansing and honestly, a bit uplifting. With a huge upward trend in pop culture and the release of books like heartspark, more and more companies and families are jumping on board.

It’s an awesome holiday, because it celebrates the most detail-oriented of our readers. No more may they hide in the shadows, we’re here to highlight their very, very specific cleaning habits. And that means that today, we’re opening the box on the PERFECT above-cabinet cleaning job.

“What is this ritual?” We envision many of our readers mouthing. Get ready to have your lives changed. You know the small precipice of real estate on top of our highest cabinets? This is where grease, dust, and many other unmentionables tend to gather. We forget about this area, and assume that it’s just taking care of itself. Not so, we’re sorry to share. Here are a few ways to give this area a little bit of TLC this cleaning season:

  • Decorate it! Pull out your antique vases, glass bottles or old framed photos, it’s their time to shine.
  • What about a garland? You can make it yourself, or find one at your local craft store. This is an especially nice touch if you’re looking to bring plant life inside, but you’re not the best at caring for it.
  • Remind yourself just what’s for dinner. Here’s a double-edged sword. Not only will you remind yourself of this under-loved area… you can also bring your shopping list to top of mind! Paint the area above your cabinets with chalkboard paint, and draw and write to your heart’s content!
  • Stack your cookbooks… or any. We understand that not everyone is a book worm. In fact, with the dawn of the information edge, those precious first-edition cook books may be gathering cobwebs in the back of a cabinet. Well, no more! Stack these cookbooks atop your cabinets. You may be grabbing them more frequently than you think.
  • (Modestly) show off your collection. We’ve all got our something. Maybe it’s salt and pepper shakers, maybe it’s coca-cola bottles of different sizes, heck- maybe it’s puppets. There is no judgement here, only opportunity. Consider the area above these cabinets your new stage and give your hobby the real estate that it deserves.

Now doesn’t this season of cleaning sound like the most fun? Here at Australian Heritage Homes we love to find opportunities in creativity in even the darkest corners of different houses. Stay tuned, for additional 2017 adventures…