February Home News

February Home NewsWe just shared a post about giving your home some love, come Valentine’s Day, but in general, we like to give your homes love all year-round. We like to design them, we like to construct them, we like to maintain them, and we love to hear all about how happy they make you. This passion, this zest for what we do, is in-part what drove us to think, “hey, we should start a blog! We should house it on our Website as an additional benefit for our past, current and prospective customers to explore.” With resources like this, you not only feel comfortable and confident about your next home, but you also (hopefully) feel creatively inspired. The sky is the limit these days when it comes to your home. Between scientific advances in processes and materials to technology that can literally live your life for you, there is nothing you can’t do or change.

The challenge is, weeding through the information that you can find on the Web. It’s a lot and it can be very overwhelming. The last thing we want you to feel is overwhelmed, so the Australian Heritage Homes team is all about consolidating info in the post palatable way possible. To that point, we welcome you back to our monthly recap of our favourite finds on the Web. We hope that you find them entertaining, engaging and informative. Read on for more information.

Bezos Racks up $16,800 in Parking Fines During DC Castle Renovation

This first article is a testament that no one is above paying fines and that we always recommend abiding by the rules of your local council and government. You may have heard of Jeff Bezos – often referred to as the richest man in the world. He’s the founder of Amazon and he’s also now at the receiving end of hundreds of dollars in parking fines, as he renovates his mansion in the United States. $16,840 is the magical number and they’ve been growing over the past few years, since 2016. You can learn more at this link here.

Landscaping the Perfect Garden

We’re not so sure that we agree with the premise of this second article, but we know the importance of painting a full picture, no matter what information we share. Budget is a very important word to us, but it’s one that is frequently forgotten about or falls by the wayside. You get the audiences that love to dream big and figure out money later (hint, this one’s for you) and those who never go through with their dream projects because they’re so confused about their bottom line. Visit this article and see which camp you fall into.

Ikea’s Web App Brings Interior Design to Soviet-Era Apartments

Our third and final article for the day celebrates one of Sweden’s most touted exports. We’re not talking about the happiest people on the planet (although, we are very jealous of this), rather IKEA – the mega monopoly of inexpensive and minimalist furniture. Well, IKEA continues to be on the top of its game, now releasing an app that helps you customize your space, no matter its shape or size. Check out this article for more information.