End of Year Home News

Source: Real Simple

What is the holiday season without traditions, right? Aside from Christmas crackers, a holiday punch and a story or two that will carry far into the next year, they’re pretty essential. Traditions can be all sorts of things and they can be interpreted all sorts of ways. We’re sure that if we asked you to think way back to your childhood, you’d be able to dig up at least one tradition that you either miss or that you’re glad to continue. We’re just as sure that you’d be able to think of at least a couple of traditions that you’re glad stayed back in the past. The Australian Heritage Homes team is proud to close out 2020 with one of our traditions and one that will stick around for quite a while – our monthly recap of the news that we think our customers need to know. Funny, maybe. Heartwarming, sometimes. Engaging and informative… always. Read on for our favourites of this December.

Netflix’s Shea McGee on Creating the House of Your Dreams

Who better to turn to at the end of the year for sage advice than the experts who have paved the way? We know that’s the case when it comes to home design and construction because we get to take pieces of everything we learn and impart it onto our customers and readers. In an era with an abundance of Website articles and television episodes (and most likely a bit more time to enjoy them while at home), there’s no shortage of ideas or inspiration. That’s certainly the case for Shea McGee, the star of Netflix’s Dream Home Makeover. Shea knows exactly how to create her own dream home and isn’t afraid to share a couple of secrets. Check out this link for more information.

Modern Farmhouse House Plan

One of the biggest stressors for our current and prospective customers is what sort of architecture style their home is going to take. Once we’re aligned on that (and believe us, the Australian Heritage Homes team has tonnes of ideas), it’s on to the floorplan. This isn’t as simple as when you move into a completed home. When that’s the case, it’s as simple as walking through and knowing whether or not the floorplan meets both your current and future family needs. Now, we know that the best laid (floor) plans will change over time and that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when you’re designing and constructing your dream home. That doesn’t stop it from being any less fun to learn from different industry experts about which floor plans really succeeded and excelled this year – namely, this modern farmhouse. Feeling intrigued? Read the full article here.

Best Interior Design Posts of 2020

Finally, for today’s round-up (and for our FINAL 2020 round-up… how weird is that to say?), we’re going to make fun of ourselves a bit. We’re definitely not the only site that puts together these home news round-up’s, and why would we be? The news is short, sweet and exactly what the doctor ordered. At least this article thinks so. Design Milk shares its favourite interior design posts of 2020 at this link. Just in time to paint a clean 2021 slate.

Happy New Year to all!