What to do at Home Before You Travel

What to do at Home Before You TravelVacations long-distance may be in short supply this year, but that doesn’t mean that you and your loved ones shouldn’t be able to escape somewhere nearby for a couple of days. The psychological benefits of a vacation, when planned properly, are exponential and can have insane effects on your health and productivity when you return. As we launch spring, it’s time to be new people – complete with our houses in order and all of our relationships in check. That said, the Australian Heritage Homes team knows how difficult it can be to leave on a vacation. Especially if you have younger household members or planning complications – there’s a reason why many say, “it can easily turn from a vacation into a trip”. The planning complications we mention frequently involve your home, especially what to do when you’re about to leave. Here are a few of our recommendations:

  • Don’t broadcast that you’re leaving broadly on social media. Social media has become both a blessing and a curse in this day and age, but when it comes to travel – it definitely falls more heavily on the curse side. There have been far too many instances of criminals breaking into homes, based on posts that they’ve seen on different peoples’ profiles. This is the easiest thing to possibly avoid. We recommend that you tell a neighbour that you’re leaving and maybe a couple of close friends. You can post all of the fun videos when you return and would-be burglars would be none the wiser.
  • Look into automated security systems, especially if you have items that you’d like to keep secure. It’s amazing how much these have evolved even over the past ten years. Now you can watch all of the security right from your home, virtually eliminating stress when you’re on your trip and you’re wondering if you really did close the garage. In fact, they extend further now. You can lock your car from afar, time your coffee machine, and – in our mind, vital – turn on a light or two at night, so that it always looks like you’re at home.
  • Clean out your kitchen before your trip. It may just be a weekend, but some of our favourite meats and vegetables can deteriorate during this time. The AHH team is never a proponent of throwing away good food – believe us, we’ll share all sorts of food-related celebration posts, come the holidays – so, we have a couple of thoughts for you. Number one, freeze. Google is your friend here, but almost all vegetables, fruits, meats and perishables can be easily frozen when packaged properly. Then you can enjoy them just as much when you return. Unless your trip is incredibly spontaneous, look at the week prior and have some fun making meals with the ingredients whose expiration date is coming up.

Best of luck. Where are our readers traveling in the upcoming weeks? Let us know. And be sure to let us know any questions related to your dream home.