The Different Ways to Think About Landscaping Around the World

The Different Ways to Think About Landscaping Around the WorldGrass, plants, flowers… there is not a lot to it, is there? Maybe a statue somewhere and some maintenance season after season, but that should be it, right? We are talking about landscaping and landscaping is just one of many facets of expertise that the Australian Heritage Homes team prides itself on. Look at the name of our business – we are experts on homes. We are experts on designing them, on constructing them, on maintaining them. However, home is a loose definition when it comes to a property. You need to think about everything that the property line includes, and that means that landscaping is included.

The Australian Heritage Homes blog is here to help, and we want to expand your horizons and share as much information with you as possible. Therefore, today, we are looking beyond our front yard (yes, pun intended), and discussing what landscaping looks like around the world.

We are going to start in Africa and look at some truly magnificent landscapes that have inspired homeowners, regardless of the size of their properties. Examples include the Mandara Mountains in Cameroon. This is a great example of “less is more” with basalt outcrops, sheer volcanic plugs and majestic mountains. If you are a fan of the Star Wars movie franchise, you’ll feel right at home.

In Asia, there is a lot of special meaning behind every decision that an architect or landscaper makes. Have you ever heard of Feng Shui? It does not just apply to what is inside your front door. Instead, it translates perfectly to your outdoors, giving certain importance to the way that your landscaping is laid out. See that statue in the corner? It is there for a reason. See the way that furniture is spaced, same thing. Tranquillity is the name of the game here. A beautiful example can be found in the Yuyuan Garden.

We are not going to cover all of the continents in this post, how else would we make sure that you come back? However, we would be remiss if we did not culminate this post right here at home. Australians know that we see every possible temperate climate year round, depending on where you live. That means that our landscaping choices are just as diverse. We are not bragging, but we are proud of the beauty that is the place that we call home. It was tough to choose just one to highlight, but why not focus on somewhere amazingly cool like Hamelin Pool. Head west and check out the stromatolites, which are some of the oldest fossils that you can find anywhere. Just know that you will not be the only one stopping by… botanists and geologists think environments like this are some of the best inspiration for landscaping, no matter where you live.

We know, you are now itching to get off the couch and explore what is out there. When you are ready to bring it home, reach out to the Australian Heritage Homes team.