Designing Your Next Home with Your Kids in Mind

Designing Your Next Home with Your Kids in MindWhether you have ones of your own or not, the youngest generation is probably relevant in some way in your lives. They’re the most promising, our last resort, a lot of hype is pinned on these kids. At the same time, they’re the very definition of dependent for the first 18+ years of their lives. That means that all of our decisions revolve in some way around them. We agonize over what school they’ll go to, spend hours trying to decide what after-school sports we deem appropriate for their involvement. We calculate their rapid growth, and design extensive meal plans so that they can continue said rapid growth, and basically plan every nuance of our lives around them.

All for good cause, of course. And home design plays into this substantially. After all, you wouldn’t choose a condo built of limestone and glass, full of sharp corners, if you had triplets now aged three. You wouldn’t cram a large family into a tiny space, just because the view in the area was nice. You take the size of your brood into account when designing your dream home, and you take all of the design inclusions into account as well. Here is two cents from the Australian Heritage Homes team on the best ways to design your next home, keeping these blessed children in mind.

Updates don’t have to be expensive or time intensive. Kids grow at such a rapid pace (really, we can’t hammer this point home enough), that it doesn’t make sense to invest in a tonne of different furniture pieces. That being said, we’re sure that they’ll fickly change their minds at one point, over at least one element of their bedrooms. The AHH team has many light-lift enhancements that you can make to a room over time and one of our favorites is simply changing the color of the paint on the walls. Others include accent pieces like framed photos or plants.

Explore adaptable furniture. The furniture design world is an enviable one, their brains work in such mysterious ways. Especially with the growing importance of sustainability, many designers are working hard to design furniture that works in a myriad of different ways. There are beds that turn into desks, desks that turn into sofas, tiered furniture that can serve up to three or four purposes. Even if you don’t purchase anything, this is a great way to build inspiration for your next big idea.

Maximize your space. The above plays into this a little bit, but don’t be afraid to have open space in any of your rooms. When you open this space as a blank canvas, you allow the little ones to adventure and play. Many would say that that is the greatest design inclusion of all.

We’ve barely scratched the surface here. AHH has dozens of ways and opportunities to design your space so that it works for you. Contact us and we’ll brainstorm together on an ideal solution.