Design Questions asked of the Internet

It’s not new news that technology drives the world around us, these days. It’s everywhere—your home, your place of work, the transportation that you use to get around, and everything in between. It inspires art, it inspires tools that make our lives easier, and it most definitely inspires your interior design. And it’s not just tools and processes. It’s the apps and sites, the search engines that we visit multiple times a day. That’s why today we’re digging into the most searched design trends on the internet. Some of the questions are pretty common, others may surprise you. The takeaway is that the evolution of data and analytics can really help drive the design decisions that we make and will only continue to do so.

How can I create a roman shade?

For those unfamiliar, a roman shade is a unique way to provide shade to your room during the hottest hours of the day. It’s a great DIY project and one of the most searched on the internet. The materials needed are simple – fabric that more than 4 inches wide and 16 inches longer than your window. Press ½ inch of fabric on either side of the window, fold in an additional ½ inch and then sew down along the edges.

Design Trends Driven by the InternetWhat’s the best way to frame a mirror?

Yes, yes, you can always buy one or have the professionals do it, but there’s something really special about doing a project like this by yourself. We recommend that you take advantage of a mitre saw and cut four different pieces of moulding at a 45 degree angle. Make sure that you paint the back of each piece of moulding. This way, you won’t see the reflection in the back once your finished product is complete. Next, apply liquid nails to just the back of the bottom piece. Attach first the sides and then the top. Voila!

What is a craftsman house?

Did you know that the craftsman style first came to fruition thanks to two brothers named Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene? They were influenced by a movement called the English Arts and Crafts movement as well as wooden Oriental architecture. Interesting combination, right? The first craftsman style home was built in the USA in Southern California. Signature elements include tapered columns, multi-pane windows, stone details, a front porch and low-pitched roofs. They’re also often painted in earth tones.

How can I patina copper?

Surprised at how many of these commonly searched questions are so design-driven? It’s inspiring to realize what an active community we have out there on the internet that’s passionate about these types of projects. To patina copper you soak the object of your choice in one part vinegar and one part salt for at least 30 minutes. The great thing about this DIY project is that the result will be totally unique – albeit somehow involving a turquoise, blue or green finish.

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