Custom Rooms to Add to Your Home

Custom Rooms to Add to Your HomeThe Australian Heritage Homes team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life, whether you’re designing and building your first home, or the latest for you and your loved ones. We love to let you sit in the driver’s seat when it comes to creative inclusions. While we love to leave it up to you, we’re also happy to provide guidance and direction wherever we can. Beyond your standard bedrooms, bathrooms, eating and relaxing areas, they sky is the limit when it comes to rooms that you can incorporate into your home. Here are some ideas to take both your opportunities to entertain, and the value of your home, to the next level.

A fan of the latest varietal of Merlot? Maybe you want to incorporate a wine cellar or tasting room into your house. This can be as large or as small as you’d like, and requires limited costs. The bulk of the costs will be around the materials which insulate the room, so that your wines are kept at a consistent temperature.

A fan of the latest action-packed movie? Then a home theatre is probably more your style. Again, this is a room whose size does not matter, as long as you’re creating a space where you can relax and enjoy a film after a long day, or on a rainy weekend. There are many resources for inspiration on the Web, or you can ask one of our experienced teammates. You can go classic with rows of plush deep velvet seats, or look for something more modern when you’re researching the furniture. You can go the route of a projector and large screen, or search for the latest 4k LCD model. Just make sure that you think about including some sort of popcorn contraption or snack bar. After all, what’s a movie without the snacks and beverages?

A fan of chasing some zen to add to your life? You should probably look into a spa space. This is the perfect spot in your home to unwind from life’s stress, or kick yourself into high gear before a long week. You can integrate a hot tub or sauna, or maybe just ensure you have a padded space to practice your pilates or your yoga. Zen and relaxation are personalized experiences. You should be able to design the space that works best for you.

A fan of adding some bulk to your frame this season? We’re not talking about the frame of your house. If you like pumping iron or getting a good run in, but don’t want to deal with Mother Nature? Then you should probably think about adding a home gym area. We can insulate this space so that you can jam out to your favorite tunes and leave the gym, ready to relax (and potentially head to your spa or home movie theatre).

These are just a couple of ideas. Do you have thoughts around rooms you want to add to your home? Let us know, the AHH team would love to hear from you.