Why Everyone Loves Custom Homes

Why Everyone Loves Custom HomesWelcome to the Australian Heritage Homes blog! We’re so thrilled that you’ve stopped by and hope that you stick around for a while. This blog is a hub for all things related to our love for building and home renovations. We’re dedicated to our passion to turn houses into homes and to turn visions into realities. You name it, we’re sure that we’ve seen it before and know how to walk through it. We’re a family driven company, which means we hang out with who we love doing what we love. We’re blessed to be in this industry in general, but we’re also proud of the niche that we’ve built. What niche is that? You might ask. The Australian Heritage Homes team is made up of the best contractors in the Melbourne area, specifically when it comes to custom homes or period homes.

What is a custom home? We’re so glad that you asked. A custom home is one-of-a-kind and is designed to fit your needs. Every custom home is as unique as the customers that we work with. We don’t even like to see our customers as customers – we like to see them as friends. So, when we sit down and work with you on your initial vision, we want you to know that the sky’s the limit. We want you to get creative and think outside the box.

There are so many benefits to custom homes. They allow you to control the layout of your home. They allow you to control the size of the lot on which you build. They afford you insight into accessibility and design both inside and outside of the structure. You can get as picky as you want and you can leverage completely different architectural styles in the same home. Maybe you want a really modern and minimalistic kitchen, but a grand Victorian-style staircase. Not a problem.

That’s a huge misconception that we want to clear up. We know that many individuals and families balk at the idea that a custom home will take millions of dollars and years of time. That may be the case if you’re working with other vendors, contractors and builders in the area, but it’s not the case if you’re working with custom home builders from the Australian Heritage Homes team. Custom homes are realistic and affordable when you work with our team.

There are some important stipulations to keep in mind before we kick-start the process. You do need to own the land that the home is built on and you do want to have a budget in mind. That way, we can give you an array of options that fit the bill and the look that you’re going for.

Ready to get the process going? We’re thrilled to hear that. Please reach out to the Australian Heritage Homes team, either by phone or email or in person. Questions? Comments? Let us know. We would love to hear from you and help turn your house into a home.