Creative Storage Solutions for your Home

Creative Storage Solutions for your HomeIt can be tough to find the balance between showcasing the items that you love in your home and the best ways to keep your house neat and tidy. We know that it’s not only a conversation that we’ve had a time or two with our customers, but also with each other. You may be surprised about this. Isn’t the Australian Heritage Homes team only best known for concepting and constructing your dream homes? Well, yes and no. Yes, we are prolific for this skillset. We ought to be, given our time in the industry. But we’re actually known for much more than that. Just ask our customers. We’re known for being a caring and compassionate, knowledgeable team of experts that truly wants you to enjoy the next chapter of your life at home as much as possible.

That starts with building or finding your home. Then, you deal with all of the fun paperwork. Next, the dreaded moving process, when you feel like your home was actually constructed with boxes and packing materials. Don’t fret, this next step will help. We’re talking about creative storage solutions. Here are some of our favourites:

First up, shelves are your friends. They’re great because they can be installed at any wall height. Line them around the perimeter of any room and they remain decorative because you can see exactly what you’re storing. Wonderful examples are books or knick-knacks. Just make sure that you remember to dust these items at least once a month.

Binder clips are an inexpensive and efficient way to hide pesky cords, especially around appliances or in working areas. Clip them behind the legs of the closest table and you’ll never have to worry about seeing them or worse – tripping over them.

Clothes racks don’t just have to live in closets and they don’t just have to be for clothes. They can be anywhere throughout your house. These are a good solution for those of us that tend to be more on the forgetful side, as you won’t have to comb through all of your different cabinets or closets when you’re looking for that one outfit.

We love this next idea – crown moulding as a shoe rack. This is something that we can help with right out of the gate or something that you can handle as your own DIY project. It’s clean, it’s practical and it’s something that visitors will comment on as a special and unique take on your own home’s architecture.

Finally, seek out furniture with built-in storage. Couches, headboards, bed frames and more are now coming equipped with hidden compartments that can hold much more than you realize. It’s out of sight and out of mind, and you don’t have to take up any more square footage than you anticipated. Just remember where you’ve hidden certain items so that you can find them in a pinch.

See? Storage is easier than you realized. Reach out to the AHH team with any questions.