Contracting Nightmares- Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Company For Your Home

Contracting NightmaresSo you’re ready to purchase a home. Or you’re ready to upgrade to the next level, whether it’s a different neighborhood, a different size, or a different style. Regardless, it’s a daunting path ahead. You’re going to have to open up your wallet, your property, your schedule, your sanity and your trust to somebody that you probably don’t know too well.

Here at Australian Heritage Homes, we see it all the time. We see the looks of trepidation, of pure fear, at the workload ahead. We can offer one easy workaround here—choose us. Because of our decades of experience and the diversity of clients that we’ve worked with, we will always go above and beyond to ensure quality of home, and comfort of our customers. We consider our clients friends and our customers family. You made a leap of faith by choosing us and we’re eternally grateful.

That’s the happy end of the spectrum. On the other side, you have the abundance of families and home-buyers who may not have had as wonderful of an experience. And well there is certainly comedy in some of their stories, based on the absurdly low levels of respect these companies and contractors have had for their customers, they also serve as a cautionary tale to do your homework. Here are few examples:

  • My home had a popcorn ceiling throughout and my husband and I thought that a lightly textured finish would update our dining room nicely. Just the ceiling. Just the dining room. Well, unbeknownst to us, the contractor had hired out a subcontractor. The subcontractor did not communicate with us. What ensued was the same texture on every wall and ceiling throughout the house one day while we were both at work. All of the paint job had to be scrubbed off and redone. Our lesson here was pure communication at its finest. We learned that we should have asked our contractor upfront if he would be responsible for all of the work and a statement of what this work entailed.
  • My contractor was hired to do updates on my foundation, and began before I was ready to pull the trigger on the cost and scope of work, and before I’d been able to determine whether he was truly reputable in the industry. A week into the work, he let me know that he’d hit the septic tank. Honestly, I didn’t even know what a septic tank was—my mistake. The lesson here was to learn my home improvement vocabulary in time and to make sure I had proper reviews of anyone I was allowing to enter my home.
  • The weather was terrible one winter, causing awful insulation issues. I called in a contractor to help fix a hole in the roof, which I believed would fix all of our problems. He successfully patched up the roof…with a dead animal inside. For the next month, though we remained warm inside, there was a terrible smell that we couldn’t identify. It was spring before we determined what had happened and were able to remove the rodent. Lesson learned? Make sure that your contractors are dotting their I’s and crossing their t’s with all bodies of work!

Have you experienced a contractor nightmare? Any lessons you’ve had to learn the hard way? The AHH team would love to hear! Reach out with any questions or comments.