Constructing Work from Home Spaces

Constructing Work from Home SpacesWe’re not going anywhere any time soon, but don’t let that deter you from doing some of the best work of your life. You may work at a job that requires a desk every day and this may be totally normal to you. You may also work at a job where this “new normal” is anything but normal and you’re taking a lot of time and emotional energy to figure out what the next number of weeks look like. We’ve worked with customers in both camps and all of the camps in between. It’s daunting, it’s relaxing, it’s taxing – it’s many different things. And that’s okay. You don’t have to feel one emotion or another while working during COVID-19, and you certainly should give yourself a little grace. We’re all (globally) navigating as best we can, and the very best piece of advice that the Australian Heritage Homes team can give is to lean on each other. Putting that plan into action, we hope that you lean on us and our blog today. Knowing that we’ve designed and constructed dream homes in all sorts of areas, dealing with all sorts of challenges, know that we have thick skins, a can-do attitude and a forever commitment to sharing the information that we’ve learned from each other and others… right here.

When you got the call that you may be working from home, you probably thought – how? Where? When? Kids or no, pets or no, size of apartment or house and even factoring neighbours and environmental noise, it was most likely a bit overwhelming. Don’t fret. We’re going to take this one step at a time and share some of our favourite tips on constructing work from home spaces. Read on for more information.

  • Capitalize on natural daylight. The benefits of natural daylight are countless, but none so more frequently than when you need to be creative and productive. When you work in a dark room, many studies have shown that it can dampen your mood, your resolve, and your intent to get after that to-do list. If you don’t live somewhere where there is an obvious option, invest in a Vitamin D lamp or choose the brightest room in your home.
  • (Here’s a hidden hack) – choose a room as far from the kitchen as possible. As comedic as it sounds, the TikTok videos of those fleeing to the kitchen for snacks on a regular basis are a real thing. If you choose a space close to the kitchen (or honestly, any other social space), you’ll be inclined to stop working more frequently for a break.
  • You’re investing in yourself and your success, so while you should still do your homework and choose elements of your home office or workspace wisely, don’t beat yourself up if you think that the benefits of that certain ergonomic desk outweigh the cost. It doesn’t matter how long you’ll be working there, but when you invest in yourself, you may find that you do your best work yet.

Come back soon to our blog and stay safe!