Cleansing for 2020

Cleansing for 2020Cleaning or cleansing could be apt titles for this Australian Heritage Homes post, and each could have multiple definitions as we head into the New Year. Both are important to us. We want all of our readers to have a fresh start and the best foundation to improve your home through 2020. But, while we will definitely talk about cleaning in future blog posts, the purpose of today’s is all about cleansing. No, we’re not talking about green juices or removing things from your diets, we’re speaking the Marie Kondo school of science today and thinking through the items that you can purge from your home or property and set yourself up for both physical and emotional success.

The first item that we list may seem obvious, but at the same time hard to get rid of – holiday decorations! Some are obviously going to be sentimental items that you’ll want to hold on to, but we’re kidding ourselves if aren’t all nodding, remembering the dozens of holiday items that we always unearth right before the big days and have to question where they came from. Time to throw them out!

Any sort of paper clutter is next on the list of things to take a good and thorough look at. It should come as no surprise that we live in a digital age, so let’s all limit our carbon footprints and give back to the economy by recycling those old documents that you no longer need. Again – and this will be a common refrain – there will always be items that have special meaning to you, but if you haven’t seen them for more than a year or don’t remember who they’re from or what they’re in reference to… it’s time to say goodbye.

The third may be the biggest for a lot of our customers… clothes. We buy them, we regret it, we save them, and we do absolutely nothing with them. January could not be a more perfect month to finally realize that we don’t need them clogging up space in our closet, especially as we’re looking at other goals for the year that may include our style. Take advantage of your local donation services. Someone else is going to be extremely excited that they get to take advantage of them!

And finally, it’s time to get rid of the old food. And by old, we mean anything that you haven’t eaten in more than a month or is expired. This can be a classic homeowner’s conundrum… you push food in your kitchen refrigerator and pantry to the back and completely forget about it. You have two options – dispose in one fell swoop or do it over time. The AHH team has no judgement either way.

Look at that, you’ve prepared for the New Year! There is plenty more advice to come, but reach out with any questions that you may have and welcome to 2020!