Choosing Paint Colours for your New Home

Choosing Paint Colours for your New HomeEver heard the saying that a picture paints a thousand words?  One look at a photograph, advertisement or classic painting, shows you that it’s true. Almost everything you need to know is right there in the image you are looking at. The same applies when choosing the paint colours for your new custom-built property. You want to ensure the image it projects says the right things about you, and the house you’ve just had built for you.

Tasmanian specialist, Baxton Property Management, has joined custom builders, Australian Heritage Homes, in putting together a guide to avoiding colour communication breakdowns and identity clashes between your property and the image it presents.

So what messages do paint colours send?

Paint colours are broken down into several groups. There are warm, cool and neutral colours. And then there are those that are just plain fiery, and others that are stone icy cold. Warm colours are red, yellow and orange, or combinations of these three, while cool colours involve green, blue and light purple.

And within these categories, the final effect is intensified or lessened with the darkness or lightness of the colour chosen, the amount of space it covers, and the amount of natural and artificial light in the room. One colour’s effect is even altered by its proximity to another – so-called complementary colours like blue and orange, or red and green, strengthen each other’s impact, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the way they are used.

Linking colour and function

The paint colours should enhance the room’s function. So, however much you love a hot red, covering your bedroom walls with it might make your adrenaline pump so wildly you’ll never get any sleep. Yet in a sitting room, a deep red could encourage conversation and bring people together in the soft evening light. In bedrooms and bathrooms calmness and relaxation are of key importance. Kitchens, as the heart of the home where food and nurturing starts, should have a warm, fresh and clean appearance.

If you’ve had your custom home designed as the perfect rental premises to generate a good ROI, remember that those top calibre tenants you are hoping to attract might be put off by strong colours that clash with their furniture.

Be consistent

Consider the overall colour scheme in the house when choosing tints for individual rooms. That way you can avoid island-hopping between rooms as you pass from a forest-fresh feel of green and white, into an energetic room lined with bright red, or, worse still, you see the edge of one room’s colour scheme peeking through an open door to the next.

Pay attention to size and light

Lighter shades will raise ceilings and enlarge rooms optically. Use this in planning your colour schemes, and determining where you want to use light colours (or white) to increase the illusion of space or height, and darker, warmer colours to give a cosier effect.

When a little goes a long way

Play with the idea of turning blank walls into features. Find an artwork, wall hangings or framed mirror that are set off well by the colour on it, and turn the entire wall into a striking attraction.

Décor clashes

If you have vibrant paintings, a brightly coloured sofa or a collection of striking throws and wall-hangings, bear in mind what colours will best offset these precious items. Too many strong colours, or one over too great an area could definitely clip your wings as far as décor is concerned.

Finding a happy medium

Sometimes the best thing to do is to go for middle ground. And with the colours available today, that doesn’t mean boring cream that ages like the souring dairy product into a dull yellowish hue. Nor does it imply using only clinical white, which may make you feel you are in a waiting room. There are warm versions of the so-called neutral colours – greys that vary from cheerful to sophisticated, and soft sandy hues that can soften whites.

Managing $1 billion in investment properties has shown Baxton Property Management when the paint colour choice works for rental properties, and when it doesn’t. Visit Baxton for further information on how to make other aspects of rental properties work better. And if you are interested in the advantages of custom-built homes or investment property visit Australian Heritage Homes blog.

Guest Author: Baxton Property Management