Celebrating Women in Construction

Women in ConstructionMarch is International Women’s Month and the Australian Heritage Homes team is excited to celebrate. We know that our success is only possible when those in our industry flourish, and we feel that way about everyone that we come into contact with. There are a couple of different pieces here, and they start with our blog. If you’re newer to the AHH community, you’ll quickly learn about the importance of our blog. We realized that we have stories to tell and advice to give. What better place than right here on our Website? Check back in for articles, tips and tricks and more about not only our products, but the best ways for you to build and enhance your dream home. Today, that means that we’re focusing on one of the main audiences that makes it all possible – women. Read on for a look at the vital role that they’re playing in this day and age’s construction landscape.

First things first, women get involved! The construction industry has tons of opportunities of high-demand and well-paying jobs. This week specifically is Women in Construction week, an event with a major goal – to raise awareness around the opportunities that are accessible and available to women. The secondary goal is equally as important – to promote the role of women within the broader industry.

Let’s take a look at some facts:

  • Looking at 2016, less than 10 percent of the construction workforce was women
  • That number is expected to grow by more than 300 percent over the next five years
  • That being said, we’re still working on the difference in pay. Women tend to earn about 95 percent of what men do, but work is in progress to close this gap.

The Australian Heritage Homes team is very proud of our current team, but equally as passionate about ensuring that anyone who wants to be involved in the industry, can be. Here are a couple of key flags that you should think through as you navigate shifts in your career:

  • Do you love DIY projects?
  • Do you enjoy and look forward to completing repairs on your home?
  • Do you want to do the same thing for others?
  • When you finish said projects, do you feel a great sense of accomplishments?
  • A fan of math and puzzles?
  • Do you love being outside, no matter what the weather may be?

If you’ve checked these boxes and know that this is something that you’re passionate about, then the Australian Heritage Homes team is here for you. We’re here in a number of ways. We love to share information. We love to create communities. We love to drive opportunities for you that not only build your dream home but get you to the career that you want. This month and always, we celebrate everyone that has a role in the expanded access to dream home resources, we champion those that want to push barriers and we’re here to answer all of your questions. Please reach out.