Building a Successful Home from the Foundation Up

Building a Successful Home from the Foundation upThe Australian Heritage Homes team came together based on one common mission. We wanted to design and construct dream homes for individuals, couples and families around the area. We know that every prospective client’s vision is different, and that’s what makes us so excited to come to work. We love challenges, we love adventures, we love the pleased expressions that we see on our customers’ faces when the work is done. And believe us, there are always pleased expressions on our customers’ faces when the work is done.

While the design of homes varies from one customer to the next, there are a couple of key components that will always be consistent. And one of those, is necessary, no matter the size, shape, or style of your home. Many refer to a foundation as being something that everything else is built on. Wonder where this idea came from? It came from architecture and has stood the test of time. Today’s post will discuss just why a sturdy foundation is so important and how to reinforce it properly.

First things first, how does your foundation work? Gone are the days when homes were built straight onto the dirt, as time has shown that simply doesn’t work. They’d wash away if the weather was wet and sink into the ground over time. Experts learned to create foundations with pillars that bury deep into the ground. Sometimes they’ve been wood, over time other materials like steel have been introduced.

There are a few different ways to reinforce your foundation. They include underpinning, restumping and reblocking. It simply depends on the area in which you live and the materials of which your foundation was constructed. There’s no right or wrong option, so the Australian Heritage Homes team recommends that you link up with an expert in the area, who can help do a full analysis on your home and determine the best course of action.

Of course, there are a few tell-tale signs. Are you closing your door and finding that it doesn’t click into place? Are you seeing cracks in your floor, wall or ceiling? Are you finding that your floor is slightly sloped or moving out of place? Don’t fret, it’s just your foundation and its an easy enough fix.

Many avoid home renovations in general, and ironically, many avoid the home renovations that are the most vital. They assume that there will be huge price tags attached and that you’re looking at weeks and weeks, without your home or normal routine. They assume that the investment isn’t worth it and that’s simply not the case. The Australian Heritage Homes team wants to dispel these rumours immediately. In fact, the earlier on that you complete the necessary work, the larger a price tag you will avoid in the long haul.

The easiest fix? Reach out to the Australian Heritage Homes team. We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions that you may have.