Building for Our Kids

Building for Our MillenialsWe expect a lot of the ladies and gentlemen of our next generations. We expect them to be smarter, we expect them to be faster, we expect them to be more efficient and we expect them to more patient to those around them. We want them to leave university armed with the knowledge to change the world but we also want them to bow down to their superiors and to obey their every command. The word, millennial, has an awfully negative connotation and one that’s almost impossible to escape.

Who fits into this age group? That’s a very subjective question. In general, the most common denominator would be folks born between 1982 and 2000. Don’t even get us started on the age group born after 2000…

Alright, Eeyore moments are officially complete. Since we’re asking so much of our younger generations, it makes sense that we should also build an infrastructure that will set them up for success. And what is one of the most important components of this infrastructure? Beautiful, sizeable, and sturdy homes for our next generations to enjoy.

Australian Heritage Homes is a company which is pioneering this thought process. We’re thought leaders in the industry. We are a group of facilitators, we are a group of creatives, we are a group of analytical thinkers and we are a group of those who aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty and try something new. Similar to these millennials who are supposed to be time and energy-efficient, those who work at Australian Heritage Homes are constantly seeking out time-saving appliances. Similar to these millennials who are supposed to be creative and artistic, those who work at Australian Heritage Homes are forever exploring the tiniest of architectural inclusions which ensure that our homes stand out most on the block. Finally, similar to those millennials who need to have a sustainable lens on everything that they do, those who work at Australian Heritage Homes have built our mission statement and our day-to-day ethos around practices which capitalize on knowing exactly where our materials come from, and how they can be used next.

If society expects our younger generations to jump in and step up to bat, to seize the day with both hands and escalate the quality of all that they do, then companies like Australian Heritage Homes should be no different. This is one of many, many reasons why we hold ourselves up to the quality of work that we do. So when you read the title of this post, though you may be thinking, “oh, okay—the Australian Heritage homes team is committed to building beautiful homes for those with children!”, well- that’s only half of the equation. Just like the potential of future generations knows no bounds, the horizon of Australian Heritage Homes is only becoming brighter and brighter.