Building in Cities

AHH - Building in CitiesThere are so many benefits to living in a metropolitan environment. You’re surrounded by so many things to do, be it educational, cultural, environmental or more. You’re most likely able to walk outside of your door and explore a variety of activities that you may or may not have experienced, which the Australian Heritage Homes team totally supports. Not only do we support, we’ve done our homework and can provide the best intel on what not only makes living in a city great but how to do it right.

Yes, doing it right is a question and sometimes a tough one. The Australian Heritage Homes team loves helping you design and then construct your dream homes, no matter where you find them. Most of the time, that’s in more rural (read-scenic) areas, because so many of our current and prospective customers are looking for the best view around. We’ve discussed this topic on the blog before. It’s not only timely, it’s classic.

There are multiple topics like that that we’ll always discuss on the blog without apology. We’re committed to our customers to make sure that you’re up-to-date each and every year on what we think are topics that are engaging, informative and entertaining. Well, this certainly falls squarely in that category. That said, here’s what you need to know about building in the city or metropolitan areas:

  • You’re going to have to work with far more council and government groups. We apologize in advance, but it’s for your own good. They’re looking at whether your building is up to code, if you’re using the right materials for it and if there are ways that you’re cutting corners. Remember that they’re on your side and any questions that they ask or items of note where they give you feedback will only help make your home stronger and safer.
  • You will be working with limited options in some capacities. If you want to build a home and have a full vision for it, be ready to know that some functionalities might not be allowed in the area where you’re building. That’s not to say that that will always be the case, but if it is for now, be ready to be flexible and open to conversations with your contractor (cough, cough, us….)
  • It could take longer. This combines both of the above, but if you live in a city or metropolitan area, we’re guessing that there is a part of you that appreciates city life. We’re right there with you, but we also know that that can bring in elements like traffic, noise, etc. Know that if this is something that you want to commit to, it will most definitely be worth it (we have some very beautiful cities in the area), but you will have to put in the work in the interim. The great thing is that if you work with companies like Australian Heritage Homes, we make this part as easy as possible.

Questions? Let us know. Or, if you have stories about where this has been successful (or not), we’d love to hear these as well.