Bring in a Professional? Or Do It Yourself?

Bring-in-a-ProfessionalWe live in an age where technology moves at the speed of light. What is in and on trend one day may be completely archaic the next. Information travels at the speed of light (or faster, depending on who you ask), and bad news travels even faster. This means that education flows freely to the masses, and more and more consumers have self-serving business models at the tips of their fingers.

We’ve been around long enough to have seen the evolution of this open-source engagement. Where twenty years ago our customers had no idea which was was up when it came to building their dream property, that’s not the case these days. And we love it. Our customers now know exactly what they want their home or business to look like. Websites and social media platforms empowers our customers to come to the table with a clear and succinct vision of what they’re looking for. They find inspiration in all sorts of different media, both online and in-person. To any team member at Australia Heritage Homes, it’s inspiring.

That’s one of many reasons why you will never find upselling at AHH. We find no joy in charging you any more than we have to for any part of the process. We find joy in the happiness on your face when we can successfully build your dream property.

Which is why we offer a sliding scale of pricing when it comes to fixtures and inclusions for your home. We keep your budget in mind, but we want to make your dream vision, a reality. So when your budget has been stretched as far as it can go, but your dreams continue to grow, what do you do? This is where you make the decision—bring in a professional? Or do it yourself.

Remember that whole internet thing? Youtube and all that? These platforms have made DIY far less scary. They’ve shown our customer base that they can accomplish a lot more than they think they can. When it comes to small fixes or simple inclusions, DIY is a great option. Changing your bathroom fixtures? Updating your doorknobs? We champion you as the foreman of these changes.

But that doesn’t mean that we’ll automatically recommend a DIY afternoon. There are many projects that really do require expertise at the level you can expect from Australia Heritage Homes. So our promise to you is total transparency. When you bring a challenge to us, we encourage open and honest conversation from the beginning. We’ll tell you which preferences won’t fit into your budget, and when we can, offer solutions that do. When portions of the design don’t fit into your budget and don’t make sense, we’ll tell you upfront. You can depend on the decades of experience from Australia Heritage Homes that we will tell you the truth and help build the most beautiful home that we possibly can.