The Biggest Construction Challenges

Biggest Construction ChallengesThe Australian Heritage Homes team are no strangers to construction challenges. Be they terrain-related, area council conversations or inflated expectations by prospective customers, we know that they’re ahead of us in the vast majority of projects.

While some companies may baulk at this, we’re not one of them. Call us lunatics or call us a unicorn, we actually relish these challenges. We believe that the only way forward as a business and as an important pillar in this industry is to push ourselves and to push each other, we can never become complacent. Every week, every month, every year, we take stock in our different projects. We analyze what we could have done differently and what we think worked very well. We believe in transparency and so there are a couple of reasons that we’re sharing this article today – both to share and educate and also to shed light on what hasn’t worked well for us in the past. What are our biggest construction challenges?

We mentioned both of the first two above, but one can come with more headaches than most: conversations with councils and local authorities. To be clear, all are put in place for good reason. That’s why these conversations are vital, but sometimes challenging. Knowing exactly what bodies of council and government you need to sync with is really important because they know the land that you’re building on even better than you do. They’ll know if you’re about to build on land that’s seen sloping issues in the past, that’s under permit by a company or other owner and if you’re encroaching on your neighbours. They’re there to be your allies, but they need to do their homework, so be patient. It will pay off for both your sanity and your wallet in the end.

Again, we mentioned the second as well – terrain. If you’re properly working with the right contractor and following the guidance above, you’re most likely set up for success. That being said, you may not be and even if you are, it’s good to have total purview into your property. The terrain can be a huge challenge for construction. If your lot is sloped, retaining walls may be necessary to split the land into intentional levels. If you live in an area covered in trees, you’re going to need special plans to build around the roots. All of these are possible to navigate, but things that you need to take into account.

Finally, the last item in today’s list is expectations. Hey, we get it. This home is a big investment for you – financially and equally as important, emotionally. You’re going to have expectations about what it looks like, how long it takes to build and how much it costs. Talk these through with your contractors so that you’re on the same page and no one is surprised or overly stressed at the end of the day.

Questions? Let the team at AHH know. We’re always here for you.