Big Mistakes to Make in Your Front Yard

Big Mistakes to Make in Your Front YardSome people love their front yards and their homes’ exteriors. We frequently extol the virtues of taking care of this element of your property on the Australian Heritage Homes blog, because we know the dozens of benefits associated. Our team knows all about the life cycle of a home. We know that you may live in it for the entirety of your life and pass it along for generations to come. We know owners who are only planning on spending a short amount of time before they move on to their next adventure. And we know owners of every sort in between. That works out well for our blog readers because we’ve amassed such a range of knowledge, advice, tips and tricks. We love to profile what works, but today we’re talking about what doesn’t work. Here are some small changes you can make or things to keep an eye on when it comes to your front yard.

The first one is pretty overarching – don’t forget about regular maintenance. Your front yard should be treated as a precious commodity (as should the rest of your home) and as many of our parents have told us, “you should take care of nice things.” Maintenance does not have to be overwhelming or time-consuming. Just know the different parts of your yard, do some simple research about how often they should be maintained (cut, cleaned, etc.), make a plan and then stick to it. Believe us, you’ll be glad that you did.

Don’t overthink the plants that you’re choosing. And once you choose them – again, do your homework. You’ll want to know which plants need more sunlight and which need greater space around them for extensive roots. Overcrowding yards, especially if you have more terrain to work with, is a very common and understandable mistake. But what will happen, is that the roots will tangle and ultimately the different plants will strangle each other, leaving you with none instead of both.

Clean up valuables. Valuables is a subjective term, but we’re guessing that even the small toys of your younger household members aren’t something that you want to say goodbye to, just because a prowler or even a passerby stepped on to your property uninvited. It’s unfortunate, but it does happen, so make sure that when activities are done, you’re taking those items and storing them in a shed or inside.

That brings us to our last recommendation for the day and that’s having the right architectural elements that avoid the above scenario altogether. We’re talking about dates and fences and these can be just as fun to choose and design as your home itself. They can be functional and beautiful at the same time and there’s no right answer which style you have to choose, just because you have a certain size of or look to your home.

All of the above are items that we can help with. Reach out and the Australian Heritage Homes team will help you.