Things You Need to Do Before Renovating Your Home

Things You Need to Do Before Renovating Your HomeHome renovations are exciting; at least they are to the Australian Heritage Homes team. Maybe it’s because it’s an area that we’re particularly passionate about, but we can’t help but promote their importance and the satisfaction of completing them, far and wide. We do this cautiously however, because we want to ensure that the work is right and that you’re set up for success. So, before you press the “go” button on your next project, we recommend that you keep the following advice in mind:

Run the Numbers

There’s a reason that the term is “dream house”. But before you get after that dream any further, make sure that it’s achievable. We can’t keep track of the number of times that we remind our readers to properly budget… because it’s that important! Make a budget your number one priority so that you’re not disappointed further down the line of preparation for a home renovation.

Know What You Like

This seems so obvious, doesn’t it? If you’re embarking on a home renovation, chances are good that you know what you want and what you like. But you may just be looking at the big picture, instead of focusing on the smaller details. Example- you want a new kitchen, that’s all you need to tell your future contractor, isn’t it? Not quite. You’ll set yourself up for success if you have all of the details locked in. No detail is too small. Everything from the backsplash behind the sink to the type of metal in the faucets, keep track of everything. We’re lucky enough to live in a social age where inspiration is at our fingertips. Create a pinterest board so that you have all of your preferences in one place. Bonus? You’ll get a great feel for how everything looks together.

Test everything out

You can’t exactly test out the entirety of your home renovation project, but you can definitely test out pieces of it. Check out paint swatches from your local hardware store or tiles or finishes for different flooring projects. Don’t feel bad about asking for samples, the stores know that this could be a good investment if you decide to execute on the project with these samples. Additionally, this is your best way to know if you really want to move forwards with the project and vision that you have in mind. There is no shame, only savings really, if you decide to pivot. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to finish the entire project and hate specific pieces of it? Let’s try to avoid that.

Ready to pull the trigger on your next home or home renovation project? Some of it you can definitely do yourself. For the bigger pieces, be sure to give the team at Australian Heritage Homes a shout. We’d love to hear from you and help bring your dream home to life.