How to Avoid Popular Expensive Home Repairs- Part I

How to Avoid Popular Expensive Home Repairs- Part IPopular and expensive don’t really belong in the same title, do they? You want something to be popular, to be well-known, to be well-liked, but you don’t want it to be expensive. Maybe look expensive, but never cost expensive. Well unfortunately, in this day and age, there are many grandiose home repairs that homeowners think they can pull off… Unfortunately, they can’t.

This is most likely (in our humble opinion) because they didn’t work with a Class-A team like that of Australian Heritage Homes. Had they, they would have learned early exactly what home repairs cost and which ones to avoid in order to keep your dollars in your pocket. Hopefully dear blog readers, you’re in the audience that’s checking out the AHH blog because you know we’re passionate about what we do, doing it well, and doing it in a cost-effective manner. Today, we break down a list of home repairs which are costing homeowners more than they’ve bargained for.

Before we dive into the list, there’s a general theme that we’d like to call outd. Each of these you can circumvent, with a little DIY home maintenance. Yes, this involves you rolling up your sleeves and potentially getting a little bit dirty. But wouldn’t you rather that to receiving a contractor bill that’s exponentially higher than assumed? Keep this in mind as we navigate the list.

Roof Replacements

We know, we know, we can hear your audible groans from here. Anything to do with roofs tends to make big dollar signs flash over your heads. And for good reason! While your house needs to sit on a fortified foundation to ensure you feel safe and secure, an airtight roof is another vital ingredient so that Mother Nature doesn’t come calling unannounced. You can avoid costly roof repairs by inspecting your roof every six months. Check for things like loose shingles, leaks and paint bubbles and you’ll be forking out much less cash.

Foundation Restumping

Restumping, reblocking or underpinning are necessary evils, but they can be spaced out much more if you’re keeping an eye on your walls and floors. That door not slamming the same way that it used to? That might mean that there’s mild to moderate foundation damage that you’ll want to take a look at. The soil around your foundation can move at anytime, especially with heavy rain, or no rain at all. The big DIY opportunity here is proper drainage. Clean your gutters regularly and keep a safe eye on your walls and floors.

HVAC failures

Ah, the HVAC failure. Generally happens when it’s either bitterly cold outside or temperatures are far too hot. How does one avoid this painful nightmare? Replace your air filter every 90 days. Put it on your calendars right now, and don’t put it off. You’ll save your air supply and your sanity.

Stay tuned for more ways that you can keep that hard-earned money in your wallet, while making sure that your home is safe and comfortable.