The Australian Heritage Homes Team is Feeling Grateful

The Australian Heritage Homes Team is Feeling GratefulWe know that this could be the subject of a blog post 365 days a year, but the impending holidays have us feeling extra excited about what this year has held for us. We reached higher, we thought more creatively, we made new friends with both partners and customers (read: friends, not customers), and are finishing out 2019 in the highest spirits.

So, what exactly are we grateful for in 2019? LOTS of things.


Sustainability is a huge trend when prospective customers are brainstorming what their new houses will look like. It gives us happy feelings when we hear that, because we know we’re doing the right thing for the globe and challenging ourselves to flex that creativity muscle that we care so much about. Sustainability is a growing trend in the construction industry, but it does not need to be the biggest investment of time or money. It is more about making small decisions when we meet with our customers, that not only benefit us – but benefit you! When you limit your carbon footprint, you actually put more money in your pocket, especially over time.

Our Team

Goodness, we have the best team around the World. (They are not necessarily reading this, so we truly mean it honestly.) They are kind, creative, smart, hardworking, ethical, dedicated and more. We keep our team very exclusive – not to push others in the industry out – but to keep the amazing talent that we have in. We believe so strongly in reinforcing the family mentality that we were built on because it means that all of our teammates treat each other with the respect that they deserve. And you know what happens when we treat each other with respect? Two things. We create the best place to work and we are encouraged to go the extra mile for you.


We always think that we’ve achieved our goals, stop for a second, and remember that there are tonnes more in the works that we need to start working on. What sort of company would we be, if we thought that one, or two, or twelve dream homes brought to life meant that we were done for the day and ready to retire? Not the Australian Heritage Homes team, we’ll tell you that much. As anyone ends a calendar year, they’re most likely thinking about how to improve and enhance their lives heading into January. Well, we’re no different. We like to lead the charge here and can offer up an abundance of pieces of advice about the projects that you should tackle immediately, those you should wait on, those that you should absolutely depend on us on, and those that will make your property even better than it already is.

Stay tuned for many more holiday-related posts, but know that we’re going into this season with the most gratitude for you. We’re here to help, so if you have questions, comments or feedback, reach out to the AHH team!