How Australian Heritage Homes Prepares for the Future

There are a lot of reasons that the Australian Heritage Homes team members love working with each other. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t share the same level of passion and enthusiasm that we hope our readers see in each blog post. It obviously starts with foundational skills. We don’t let just anyone work for us – because we don’t let just anyone work for you. Our team members are a direct reflection of the Australian Heritage Homes brand, one that’s riddled with important values and over 20 years of construction experience building your dream home. That’s just the starting point. You want to like who you work next to each day, right? Luckily there’s no problem with that here. The experience and values are baselines, the personalities are the next level. But we’re not quite done. The other component of a successful team is a fluid and ongoing desire to be better, to look forward. In an economy where there’s so much uncertainty and so many questions, our creativity in these conversations really comes in to play. We respect our heritage; today, let’s look at the future and how the AHH team is looking at life and business beyond 2020.

We’re taking stock in our experiences. That means that we’re looking at lessons we’ve learned and doing exactly what you’re supposed to do with lessons – learn from them. We have by no means been perfect; as we learn how to build in different terrains or with different sorts of customers, each time there’s an ‘aha’ moment that we get to stock away in the constructive feedback bank. In our minds, it’s absolutely vital to have a positive attitude while doing this, because the exercise only makes us better and more knowledgeable.

We’re making memories with each other. Some of us may be socially distant right now, but that won’t stop us from finessing our communication expertise… especially with each other. In the same way that it’s important to work to improve, it’s equally necessary to celebrate all of the wins – big and small. We’ve gotten creative about it, but we’ve never faltered from giving a compliment to a teammate or sharing with each other when a customer has been especially happy. This is a great way to look to the future because we keep giving each other support and incentives to do our best work.

We’re staying ahead of the design curve. It’s been so cool over the years that we’ve worked to see the evolution of architectural styles that our customers have gravitated towards. In a sense, things have been cyclical – you never know when a style of home will re-emerge as the popular choice. But, on another note, there are so many fixtures, additions, materials, processes, and styles that are yet to be uncovered. And it’s our job to not only be aware of these but to be the experts in them. And that, our valued customers, is the future.