August Home News

August Home NewsWe could always use a little positive news, but especially right now. Between issues of unrest all over the world and that whole COVID-19 thing, it’s never been more important to get your mind off of the news stories plaguing our social media feeds and instead learn, or better yet – smile! The Australian Heritage Homes team aims to help you do both. We actually think that they’re inter-related… when you learn about really cool things, it makes you smile. When you smile, you want to learn about the things that make you happy and passionate. For us, that’s everything to do with your home. Inside, outside, construction, finance, design, landscaping… you name it. If it touches your current or future property, we’re here to be your partners and support. As our religious readers know, that means that once a month, we do our round-up of home news that we appreciate and think you will too. Read on for more information:

Like we said… positive news. And sometimes that means that the term “home” is relative, but the common denominator is that it’s somewhere where you can hang your hat and be excited about returning to. Yes, there are songs like any of these – our favorite is that of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – but the term “home” makes us think. National Public Radio’s (NPR) “Tiny Desk Concerts” have now featured John Legend with a ‘Home’ theme. We recommend that you check it out at this link.

If you’re looking to be realistic… we’re right there with you. And because we service so many areas of Victoria, we want to be as empathetic and supportive as possible to each of the markets that we work with. “Very large commercial building, whether it be building apartments in the city or building factories or warehouses, or other sorts of non-residential building projects, if it is above three-stories then those builders will need to reduce their workforce down “to the practical minimum,” according to this article in SkyNews. The big takeaway here is to plan early and allow for more time than previously planned to execute any home renovations or even constructing your next dream home.

If you’re very excited about spending more and more time outside, then we have certainly found the right article for you. While the weather slowly gets warmer and warmer, we’re guessing that families and individuals are ready to get outside. We’d like to elevate that experience and so would this company, bringing your normal socializing spaces outside – like living rooms, dining rooms and such. As Trio Landscaping shares, “With more people working from home than ever this summer, it’s important to have beautiful spaces to unwind.” We couldn’t agree more. Check out this link for more information. 

Questions? Let the AHH team know. It doesn’t matter what it’s about, we’re happy to support. We can’t wait to hear from our current and prospective customers.