Artist Builds Homes with Legos

Artist Builds Homes with LegosSo much of what we do at Australian Heritage Homes is serious. After all, our valued customer base trusts us with a fairy large decision – bringing your dream home vision to life. You trust us with this huge responsibility, so yes – we take it pretty seriously. We take our passion seriously and the drive to always improve. We take learning something new every day very, very seriously.

But we also like to have a little bit of fun. We enjoy what we do and what that to be pretty obvious to our customers. If you’re a veteran visitor to the Australian Heritage Homes blog, you know that we love to share nuggets of knowledge that we find around the internet. The information that we may dig up spans the spectrum. Obviously, we love to discuss custom home builds and everything that comes with them. We also love to share information around home renovations, around your landscaping, around all of the fixtures and elements that make up your interior design. We believe that they all fold into the bigger picture and goal, which is building your dream home.

Today we stumbled upon a unique business – Lego homes. You may be thinking, “that’s not news. I’ve been playing with those and building my own since I was a child.” We felt the same way until we saw how extensive this business model is, and how successful it’s become!

The name of the company is Little Brick Lane and they can be found on Etsy, as well as a variety of other ecommerce sites. All you need to do is send in a picture of your home and they’ll replicate it down to the smallest detail… in Legos.

The founder of the company is named Shari Austrian. She has seven-year-old twins, who inspired her to bring the idea to life. She loved watching her children play with Legos and thought building these home replicas would bring priceless mementos to her customers, either of homes they’ve lived in in the past, or of their current houses. In fact, she built her first while she and her family were building the same version in life-size form.

Building these is no small feat. Each takes up to ten weeks to build. She’ll do two variations, either just the exterior of the building or both the interior and exterior. She did an interview with Apartment Therapy recently saying, “Roof lines and, more specifically, intersecting roof lines. While the LEGO collection is expansive, it still has its limits. LEGO has not yet created some of the slopes or roof pitches often used by architects and builders.”

They’ll set you back a pretty penny but check out how interesting these are. It gives a whole new meaning to house replicas. Articles like this are a constant source of inspiration to us, and a reminder that said inspiration can be found anywhere!

Questions? Comments? Let the Australian Heritage Homes team know. We’d love to hear from you and kick off the process of building your dream home.