April Home Renovation News

April Home Renovation NewsThe temperatures may be cooling but the home renovation news is heating up. We may be a little bit more passionate about it than most, but that makes sense, when we spend our days (and nights) dreaming up the newest and best ways to bring the vision of your dream home to life. If you’re newer to the Australian Heritage Homes blog, welcome! We’re so excited to have you here. You’ve probably already explored the site a little bit and know that we have decades of experience building every sort of home, on every sort of terrain, in every sort of location. Here on the blog, it’s our goal to share the best of home renovation, interior design, landscaping and more. And today, we return to one of our favourite series – our monthly round-up of our favourite articles on the Web:

Why I Decided to Complete an Entire Home Renovation

Too often we forget about the why behind these projects. We focus on the what, the when, and the how much. But the Australian Heritage Homes team loves learning about what’s driven our customers to change or enhance their home. Sometimes, it’s because of need. Sometimes, it’s because you’re fulfilling a life-long want. Either way, we love hearing these stories. And that’s why this one spoke to us. The author bought an incomplete home and was able to use it as a blank canvas and bring a lifetime of dreams to life. Check out the article here.

How to Avoid a Home Renovation Nightmare

On the flipside of that, we’ve certainly heard our fair share of home renovation nightmares. It’s unfortunate, because we work in an industry filled with pros who bring a lot to the table. It’s just another good reminder to do your research when you bring in contractors, because some of these stories will make you shudder. That’s why we appreciate this article, which accurately identifies many of the pitfalls that are easily avoidable, if you know where to look. Check out the article here.

Renovate or Sell?

Ah, the age-old question. There are fewer things more stressful than selling your home – seriously, it’s in the top ten list of most stressful life events – when it should be a proud moment. This article adds another variable into the equation, the art of renovation. It’s tricky to know when it makes sense to throw in the towel and sell your home, or if the investment of a home renovation is worth it. Luckily, we’ve got articles like this one, which can help you navigate this tricky decision. Check out the article here.

Remodelling Returns

Fewer things make us happier, than knowing that our customers have seen value and had positive experiences, when embarking on projects like home renovations. But how are you supposed to know at the beginning of the journey, if everything is going to pan out? This article is here to help; a good reminder of the different projects that will give you the best ROI. Check out the article here.

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