April Home News

April Home NewsWelcome to the Australian Heritage Homes blog! We’re excited to host you and share everything about our passion for designing and constructing your dream home. Sure, we can easily do this by having conversations in-person, over the phone or via email – and we highly encourage you to do so. It’s the best way for you to get a true feel for exactly why we’re the best at what we do and exactly how we can bring your vision to life. But we bet that once you hear our enthusiasm, you’ll want to be home buffs too. We get it, it’s contagious and it’s easier than you think. That is if you know where to look. Today, you did, because you stumbled upon our April round-up of home news. These are the articles that are making us smile, making us think, pushing us out of our comfort zones and hopefully inspiring you. Read on for more information:

How Previous Epidemics Impacted Home Design

It doesn’t matter you live in the World, if you haven’t heard of COVID-19, you truly are living under a rock. And there is no better reason to spread a little love and positivity right now. For us, one way to do that is share really beautiful architecture that can honestly spring from anything. After all, unfortunately, this hasn’t been our first large-scale event. Architectural Digest reminds us that many of the details of your home were inspired by previous infectious diseases. They remind us of the intersection of health and architecture – sometimes for function and sometimes for aesthetic. No closet in an older apartment? Function. Subway tile? Aesthetic. If you love architecture, this article is for you. Check out this link for more information.

Easier Living by Design

Here is another one that’s eye-opening about the way that many of our homes are designed. Sure, there are the basics. If you have challenges moving around, a home without stairs or many levels is probably for you. If you’re particularly tall, you’ll want to look for a home with higher ceilings. But it goes deeper than that. Think about homes that could conquer grand goals like reversing of age. It’s not the norm right now, but architects don’t think it’s too far down the line. Even adjustments such as the direction of home, placement of windows and size of windows can help you sleep better – ergo, have a positive impact on your health. Visit the site for more information.

Home Design in the Age of Social Distancing

And of course, social distancing. Not specifically what this article is about, but with many of us around the globe stuck at home, you need to get creative about several things: how to interact with others in a safe way, how to split up your days so that you remain sane and occupied and also – how to have your own alone time. Obviously, technology is playing a huge and vital role, but there are other key players in the game as well. Read this article if you’d like to learn more.

Questions? Let us know. And stay safe out there!