2019 Tech for Your Smart Home

2019 Tech for Your Smart HomeWe’re thrilled that you’ve kicked off the year with the Australian Heritage team for so many reasons. We’re so pleased that you spent 2018 with us. And we know that if 2018 was any indicator of all of the reasons that it makes sense for you to be partners-in-crime with our top-notch team, then there is none better than those shared on the AHH blog this past year.

We stood up this blog as the best reason to be able to communicate on a regular basis with those that are most important to us. That’s right – that’s you! (Our priceless base of customers). It doesn’t matter if we’ve already embarked on the journey to turn your house into a home or if you’re just starting out, trepidations about this huge life adjustment ahead of you. We say that it doesn’t matter because the AHH team is always here, no matter what your needs are.

We’re very excited about the year ahead, but we’ve touched on that in one of our recent posts. After all, we shared enough emotions about the end of 2018 and how unexplainably pleased and grateful we are for you. To that end, we always want to get ahead of the game. And that’s why this blog comes in handy. Yes, we showcase our teammates and the premium services that we offer. But we also make it a point to keep a pulse on the industry, and that means posts like today’s… looking at the technology that will make your home as smart as possible in 2019. Read on for more information:

Google Home

Google Home and all that comes with it- Who knew that Google would take over as much as it has? What started as a basic (albeit first in its industry) search engine has turned into a huge empire with a ton of different accessories and tools to make our lives easier. Several members of the AHH team can attest to the value of Google home products. You can check them out here.

Amazon Alexa

Ah, the lovely Amazon Alexa. Not a Google fan? If you’re looking at a turf war, it would appear that Amazon is on the other side of the fence. Amazon’s Alexa meets all of the same needs as Google Home and again, is just designed to ensure that your life is as easy as you can possibly make it. We’re talking voice commands about every chore that you used to think was the most cumbersome of all time. You can check out these products here.

Facebook Portal

Facebook is also joining the game. Who knew? The platform built from a college dorm room back in the early 2000s is quickly dominating the technology game. Bonus on these guys? The commercials are pretty funny. Tablets engineered by the social media giant also meet your day to day needs and help make your tasks and chores much easier.

Questions? Comments? Let us know. The AHH team is excited to kick off the year with you!