2017 Interior Design Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid- Part II

2017 Interior Design Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid- Part IIWe received much positive response for our last post, and for good reason. After all, everyone loves a little validation that they’re not the only ones who have nailed in a cabinet upside down or chosen four different colors of orange for a guest room. Where do you think Pinterest Fails came from? So, we soldier on! We share even more interior design mistakes, which are easy to stumble upon- but even easier to avoid with the help of Australian Heritage Homes.

Not hanging art properly

As those that help put together the walls which the art is hung on, we’re no strangers to questions about hanging art. Your entire home becomes a canvas for an art gallery, the second that the walls are in place. But the walls are put in place with the help of crossbeams, studs, floors and ceilings; You’ll want to ensure that you’re not trying to tack art into areas of the walls which will not support it in the long-term. The best way to avoid this scenario is to knock on the walls on which you plan to hang art. They should sound hollow, as if you’re not trying to drive a nail or screw into additional building materials. Bonus points if you trace the holes where you plan to tack in your art. If all else fails, purchase a leveler—then you know that any art will be straight and sound.

Putting textiles first

This might sound like an odd thing to avoid. But many are far too quick to pick up the paintbrush and apply paint to the walls of a given room. This should be the last thing that you do, when it comes to interior design. Choose your fabrics, your textiles, your furniture first. Paint is easy to adjust. If you choose the paint color first and let all else follow, you can box yourself into a design scheme, which you may regret sooner rather than later.

Don’t hold on to items, that don’t properly represent you

We’ve all been on the receiving end of gifts which we wish we weren’t. Examples have included antique collections of stamps, life size statues of family members and portraits done—well, shall we say- poorly? It’s a common misconception that just because a gift is from a family member, it is entirely necessary to pass it down through generations. Sure, we understand that there are exceptions when items are of historical importance, long-term value, or if they simply tell a story. But if none of these are true, and that penny collection of your Aunt Mildred is taking up too much real estate, consider getting rid of it. Your home represents you, not always of your kin, and that’s quite alright. You’re the one who has to see it every day, after all.

Hopefully these interior design mistakes are even easier to avoid, with the help of teams like Australian Heritage Homes. Questions? Comments? Give us a shout. We would love to help out with your dream home.